One meeting a week

A radical new way to schedule meetings.

Context switching from deep work to a meeting setting takes over 20 minutes. Getting into that deep work state in the first place takes about 60-90 minutes. It's no wonder that a day with three poorly-spaced meetings feels completely lost to time.

Enter One meeting a week. We're an app for Slack looking to eliminate the cruft and overhead around internal meetings, while also making them easier to schedule. The process is simple:

  • Choose a day and hour for your organization to be available and block it off as dedicated "internal meeting time".
  • Use our app to schedule one-off or recurring meetings with users in your Slack organization.
  • Just before your designated meeting time, we'll take everyone's meetings and optimally schedule them in the order that saves everyone the most amount of down time.

That's it! You save 20 minutes per meeting and have the entire rest of the week to get into the weeds on your own work. Install the app on Slack to try us out for free today!

How it works

  • Use /one-meeting-settings to edit your preferred meeting block time.
  • Use /add-meeting to create a new meeting.
  • Use /list-meetings to see all your scheduled meetings for this week's block.
  • Use /one-meeting subscription to manage your subscription.
  • Use /one-meeting help to see a descriptor for each command.